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Swedish Massage at A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa

Swedish massage is perhaps the modality that sprang to one’s mind when one thinks of massage. A kind of therapeutic massage, Swedish massage is the best-known massage service that is accomplished through rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. However, Swedish massage goes beyond just relaxation. This massage increases the oxygen level in the blood while decreasing the toxins in the muscles thus improving ones circulation while easing the tension. 

At A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa, we specialize in Swedish massage so you are not only getting the relaxation you wish but the overall wellness you deserve after hard days at work. Our massage therapist knows the ways of easing ones aches and soothes tensed muscles.

Here in A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa, whatever relaxation you need, we guarantee to give you the ultimate pampering. Visit us in Mobile, AL today and experience any of our massage therapy services.