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Pregnancy Massage at A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa

The miracle of pregnancy can also be a major stressor for the body. Hormone fluctuations, the weight of the fetus, and other issues all serve to make it a challenge. Hence, many pregnant women are now seeking pregnancy massage.

Drawing primarily on Swedish massage and energetic techniques, sessions are planned to deal with the many physical changes taking place to support both mom and baby. Session may concentrate on back pain, swelling, fatigue or other issues.

When looking for a prenatal massage, it never hurts to ask about the therapist’s experience and qualifications. This is obviously not an area in which you want to take any chances. Massage is a complicated art, and there’s a reason that therapists have to take special classes to get licensed. They learn the proper bodywork therapy for any circumstance.

A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa has a team of highly experienced and professional massage therapists who are not only knowledgeable of ways to relieve stress and body aches but can also give you alternative wellness modality options. Every massage therapist in our day spa understands the musculature of your body that’s why you are guaranteed a treatment that fits your body’s needs.

To learn more information about pregnancy massage and other services such as deep tissue massage and sports massage, get in touch with A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa in Mobile, AL today!