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Neuromuscular Massage at A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa

Massage is an alternative modality of healing done by rubbing your body using slow strokes, gentle kneading and pressure. This usually is done all over your body to promote overall stress release and body pain relief.

Unlike any other massage therapy techniques, neuromuscular massage is localized to one specific area of the body that needs massage. This type of massage technique is applied to the muscle tissue and surrounding muscle tissue that is intensely damaged. By applying pressure and gentle kneading to a certain area, the coagulations of the damaged tissue is spread out and then flushed out so a new tissue can grow. This kind of medical massage is a slow and deep process.

A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa is the go to day spa if one needs this type of massage. We are the massage therapist favored by most residents of Mobile, AL. Our varied massage services are top notch and unprecedented. So if you need to relax and sooth the tensions and soreness of your body, visit us in A Touch For Health & The Garden's Day Spa. Our friendly therapist will aid you to move into optimal wellness.